Video Editor/Motion Graphic Designer at BehanceNet

Posted 6 months ago
Rs15,000 - Rs15,000 per month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Video Editor/Motion Graphic Designer


We are looking for a Video Editor to create video content for some of the young and dynamic brands associated with Revex Media. Video Editor role is to thoroughly interpret clients’ visual requirements for the digital space and to create impeccable video content by using editing and motion graphics skills. Our ideal candidate thrives when being challenged and is enthusiastic about working in a fast-paced environment, understands the digital space well and envisioned to deliver the best working experience to the clients. If you get your kick by creating kickass videos at the post-production table, thriving in an environment that pushes you to put your best foot forward, jamming with the in-house team to create magic on the digital space, then we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Job Location

“Office” is not as important as we thought and a person is actually more productive Working from Home as there is no time and energy wasted on commute. Hence we have now transitioned to a… 100% “Remote Work” company with our team being spread across India.Hence, we are looking for team members who would be comfortable working remotely in the long term also.


● Interpret video briefs and ideate based on brands’ positioning and tonality. ● Skim through footage and create offline edit on Adobe Premiere Pro. ● Package the edit with motion graphics on Adobe After Effects. ● Create basic animations; animating text, lower thirds, and logo slates. ● Ensure sound quality by editing audio on any Adobe software as per proficiency. ● Develop smooth communication between internal and external teams. ● Take ownership of the content creation process. ● Proactively engage in next steps for brands’ video content.


● Proven work experience for 2+ years in editing and motion graphics. ● Well versed in Adobe Suite: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop ● Experience in a digital agency or advertising industry. ● Good understanding of social media channels and their visual requirements. ● Ability to decode client briefs and brands’ positioning. ● Ability to conduct research to study video trends for brands.

Please apply by submitting this below assignment to [email protected] along with your work samples:
• Video Assignment

Please refer to the script below and source free to use/preview version footage online & music to create an edit of your choice. You can add script as text or mock audio, we leave that up to you!

Treatment reference: (you can chose to ignore it and do an original treatment) […] for ‘Data Science E- Learning:-

“So I have 50 seconds, to tell you a story
• beep*

I used to ask a lot of questions

Questions about why some businesses are doing great

And why others…aren’t.

What is AI?

And whoa! … Why is it so big?

I have so much data, what do I do with it?

I ask a lot of questions right?
• whispers to himself* I think I’m still doing it..

I realized I already had the answer!

Hidden somewhere inside the data I already have

I just need to get ahead of the curve

How? Simple.

E Learning.

They don’t just teach you AI and advanced data science!

They have a practical approach training program

Designed and delivered by industry experts

With a 6 Month Job challenge!

At unmatched prices.

Because ‘they’ know the future is here

And ‘we’ need to get ahead of it.

E Learning. Join the demo.”

2. Animation Assignment

Brief: Package the video in the best way. Few hints while packaging: Animated intro slate, lower thirds, logo animation and music of your choice and much more value and originality that you can add!

Material to be used: […] keep in mind the brand guidelines, colors, fonts, tonality of brand: Amit Kasliwal (attached, you can also search on Youtube and social media). We’re considering the understanding of the brand and the finesse in animation. Please take any 30 seconds excerpt from the vide