Sr. Executive Listing at Inter-connected Stock Exchange Of India Ltd.

Posted 2 years ago
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Job Description


Jop Description :

Listing compliances

1. Sending report on surveillance action taken to the all Exchanges.

2. Ensuring all the compliances, documentation of all the listed companies of ISE and to update it on ISE website/ Listing Software.

3. Ensuring whether Annual Listing fees have received within prescribed time.

4. Sending quarterly compliance reports to SEBI.

5. Send Reminder to Listed Companies which failed to comply with ISE Listing Agreement for submitting documents w.r.t. Compliance of Listing Agreement.

Permitted securities

6. To provide details of scrips under permitted category for trading.

7. To provide immediate update on corporate announcements on permitted securities.

8. To continuously monitoring the status of permitted securities on the exchanges where it is listed.

New Listing

9. Carryout due diligence prior to listing existing listed companies.

10. Put up the all relevant papers with necessary remarks and with recommendations before the Independent… oversight committee of the governing board for listing functions.

11. Preparing documents such as notices, agenda, and minutes for Independent oversight committee of the governing board for listing functions.

Listing through IPO/ Further Issues

12. To coordinate development of infrastructure for conducting online IPOs through the Book Building process and ASBA.

13. Lay down process and forms to register book running lead manager, Self Certified Syndicate Bank for Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) .

14.To lay down the procedures, terms and conditions to be complied by a body corporate for listing with ISE, either as an existing listed company, through IPO (fixed price or book building) or Reverse Book Building.