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Posted 2 years ago
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Job Description


The Upstox Story:
Upstox (RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd.) is one of India’s leading Discount Broking companies which enables investors and traders to trade in Stock Market and Commodities exchange at a fraction of market price with our state-of-the-art trading platform.

One of the fastest growing stock broking companies and first brokers in India to introduce commission-free trading for investors. Our customers enjoy zero brokerage on equity delivery trades and a flat Rs. 20 per order pricing model on all other segments.

We are on our way to become the leader in low-cost brokerage and No.1 stock broker in the country. We scaled from a customer database of 25k customers in 2017 to 2 Lakh customers in 2019 to 10 Lakhs customers now in May 2020.

The company will continue to be driven by its guiding principle of making trading in stock markets simple and affordable for all.

Company’s focus on high-design and leading-edge technology seeks to revolutionise the online trading industry… in India, all at disruptive price points. Backed by Ratan Tata, Upstox had raised $4 million in Series A funding in early 2016 that was led by Kalaari Capital. The round also saw participation from health care tech firm GVK Davix Technologies Pvt Ltd. US-based investment firm Tiger Global Management invested $25 million in the company in September 2019 in a Series B funding round.

We have a team of highly skilled technology and finance professionals, and are currently looking for highly motivated field experts to be part of our high-energy team.

Position: RMS Executive

Roles & Responsibilities:
· Handle daily BOD process in Omnesys in a time bound manner
· Dynamic Updating Limits for the clients at the client level
· Risk Management of cash, F&O, currency and commodity segment during market hours in Reliable
· Handling Risk management of clients
· Daily Limit Setting
· Handling the Reliable process
· Squaring of the position if M2M exceeds 80%
· Follow up of Debits
· Punching orders for the clients in accordance with the RMS checks
· Taking upfront margin from the clients to place the orders in leverage segments
· Enablement and disablement in case of margin violation, settlement shortage, M2M violation etc
· Preparing intraday shortages
· Monitoring positions limit Violations / Position limits / TM Funds Limits on NSE terminals
· BOD checks for Shortages before markets opening and generate a report

Skills required:
· Should have a sound understanding of Capital markets, Derivatives and Commodities
· Should have an understanding of RMS policies
· Should have a certification (Non Expired) in NISM Modules- SORM, EQ-Derivatives, Currency Derivatives

Psst… tips on how you can beat the competition:
If you can showcase your abilities to:
· Be self-driven / quick starter
· Have an ownership mindset
· Aggressively drive and deliver results

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