React Native Developer – IOS & Android Platform

Posted 11 months ago
Chandigarh, Punjab
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

React Native Developer – IOS & Android Platform

Zapbuild Technologies

Chandigarh, Punjab

Required Skills:

1. Developed Android iOS mobile applications using React Native.

2. In-Depth Knowledge of React, React Native, Javascript, TypeScript, Redux, Middlewares, Hooks, ECMAScript(ES6, ES7 etc.), Node, NPM and iOS & Android Build systems.

3. Experience working with Backend Web Services (like REST etc), Fetch API, Axios and knowledge of Databases (Relational, Distributed etc.)

4. Experience of integrating Device API’s like ImageVideo Capture, Geolocation, AsyncStorage, Animations, Permissions, Vector graphics(svg) etc.

5. Experience of integrating libraries like React Navigation, React Native Firebase, Social Logins (Facebook, Google etc.), Push Notifications, Deep Linking etc.

6. Knowledge of Programming Paradigms like OOPS, Functional etc.

7. Knowledge of Agile Development methodologies.

Additional skills:

1. Knowledge of MST (Mobx State Tree).

2. Deployment of apps to Live

3. Knowledge of Local Databases like Watermelon DB.