Data and Analytics Manager at BCG, Boston Consulting Group

Posted 6 months ago
New Delhi, Delhi
Rs15,000 - Rs15,000 per month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Data and Analytics Manager

BCG, Boston Consulting Group


To realize our digital transformation, we need to transform our products, experiences, processes, technology and how we operate. Delivering unrivalled experience of exceptional service, value and flexibility is part of our DNA. We are looking for people who are passionate about Agile ways of working and want to spread this approach within our teams and business processes.

As a member of Data & Analytics team you will be working with our Personal Productivity tribe. You will support data analytics, machine learning and innovation needs. This role will require to work across multiple squads and engage different stakeholders to provide insights for data driven decision making on wide ranging use cases. The ideal candidate will ensure that our Data & Analytics team align to the business objectives and supports key initiatives for the squads and tribe. This Role will need to leverage latest technology and best practices to deliver results, agility, efficiency and quality… for data and visualization requirements.


· Highly skilled in all aspects of data analytics including mining, scrubbing, and visualization

· Are intellectually curious and enjoy learning new skills and capabilities (e.g., Agile principles and technology platforms)

· Knowledge of Agile Methodologies and ways of working (Scrum, XP, Devops), understanding and applying “servant leader” mindset and with the ability to engage in Agile ceremonies to provide teams necessary direction and guidance

· Deep understanding of machine learning, popular data analysis tools and databases

· Excellent visualization skills, storytelling, and familiarity with best practices to convey insights in an intuitive and visually compelling way

· Ability to define relevant metrics and influence key stakeholders with actionable insights

· Bring a data-driven approach to decision making, both in day-to-day management and in making strategic trade-offs

· Ability to work in highly dynamic environment with high degree of ambiguity

· Excellent communication skills with ability to simplify complex insights for end users


Should have 10+ years of relevant work experience in Data & Analytics

· Experience managing small teams and working across squads in an Agile model

· Ideate the next generation of advanced analysis and projects to drive the evolution of existing initiatives & KPI to gain new insights and enable senior stakeholders decision-making processes

· Prioritize opportunities using data driven insights and solution these opportunities using Machine Learning and AI techniques

· Proficiency in Python and experience with ML libraries and frameworks like Scikit-learn, H2O or Spark ML, NumPy, Pandas etc.

· Develop and improve predictive models to optimize the user experience and operational efficiency

· Experience in machine learning, supervised and unsupervised: Time-series, Classification, Decision Trees, Random Forest

· Sentiment analysis and data / text mining using NLP and services like Amazon Comprehend and opensource libraries like scatter text, spaCy etc.

· Knowledge of DataRobot, Azure or AWS AI/ML will be a plus

· Experience in business intelligence architecture and should have worked upon data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik etc. with understanding of end-to-end BI technical architecture

· Strong analytics concepts and have applied the same in past projects (example: data correlation, pareto, market-basket analysis, forecasting, creating complex visuals like sunburst, multi-layered maps, usage of tableau extensions etc.)

· Strong understanding of Tableau’s new features, LOD functions, data blending, logical/physical joins, row level security, Windows calculations with usage of Tableau extensions

· Experience on working with cloud warehouses like: Snowflake and other relational databases like SQL, Teradata etc.

· Professional experience and can provide guidance in building robust data pipelines using ETL tools is must (e.g., Alteryx, Talend etc.) and certification would be a plus


As a member of Data Analytics team, you will work in the Personal Productivity tribe. Data team is based in Gurugram. You will work closely with our internal stakeholders globally to support data analytics; machine learning and innovation requirements asks